Project Description

Nadja Raszewski

Sunia Asbach
Johanna Jörns
Jamie Mejeh
Michael Mejeh
Camilla Przystawski
Johannes Schuchardt

Set Design:
Ronja Glesczinsky

Costume Design
Birgit Strasser-Ney


8.2.2019 at 7 pm
9.2.2019 at 4 pm

A surreal dance production about the arrival of the other’ inspired by autobiographical anecdotes of “new comers”, the graphic novel “The Arrival” by Shaun Tan and personal stories about “home”, written by young inmates of the juvenile prison Berlin.
How do we communicate without words? How do we negotiate an understanding of rules and values? Can we become speechless friends? Do we have to loose something to gain something new?
The ensemble doesn´t want give explanations for the actual complex situation. Together are searching for a poetic und humorous way to look at and deal with the challenges we are faced.

Funded by  PURPLE International Dancefestival