Project Description

Artistic Director / Choreography:
Nadja Raszewski

Animation film:
Riccardo Paltenghi

Daniela Grosset

Johannes Schuchardt

Anders Astrand, Michael Gould und Soundcollage

Christina Wüstenhagen, Selina Menzel, Johanna Jörns, Lea Svenja Dietrich, Sunia Asbach, Johannes Schuchardt, Bahar Meric, Zozan Baki, Daniela Grosset

Set Design:
Ronja Glesczinsky

Set Design assistance:
Zozan Baki

Zozan Baki


23. und 26.2.2018
19. und 23.3.2018
23. und 27.4.2018
14. und 18.5.2018
18. und 22.6.2018
jeweils um 10 und 12 Uhr

Café MundO …in a stormy night

A dance performance for people from 6 years old
Informed by the book “Gewitternacht” by Michele Lemieux

The two hosts, Sajjida Orient & Lady Okzident invite you into their Café MundO. Here we taste questions while stories are danced – imagination flies and language is played with. Humour and magic enchant the audience. For all those who wish to listen, see, taste and wonder!
Monster pillows, dancing vegetables, illuminated sunglasses and questions about the world and life are all prevalent within the work in a humourous and poetic manner. The piece is thought provoking and stimulating to move.
Café MundO is a wonderful and inspiring experience of dance – for those who are dealing with current questions about the world.

Café MundO is a new performance structure for the TanzTangente and with it we aim to hold a clear position in relation to what it means for people with different heritage to come together. For us migration means a chance to learn and open up, to find new perspectives together. Our medium for this exploration is dance and the spectrum that sits inherently within it as well as its connection to other art forms. With this work we want to offer a space for more communication, an open and inquisitive way of being together. We wish you a lot of fun with discovering and experiencing Café MundO!

Schools can book this production from January 2018 onwards.

A production by SuB Kultur e.V. with support from TanzTangente.
Funded by Kulturamt Steglitz from the Bezirkskulturfonds of the state of Berlin.

1000 Fragen schwirren mir im Kopf herum…
Gde je beskrajnosti kraj?
الصدفة ،من الذي يحدد ذلك ؟
Benden bir tane mi var s?
A slucajnost,ko odredjuje?
Et c’est quoi exactement – le déstin?
Sere un dia un verdadero heroe?

Trailer zum Stück

Ab Januar 2018 kann die Produktion auch von Schulen gebucht werden.
Mehr Infos zu den Schulvorstellungen finden Sie hier!

Eine Veranstaltung von SuB Kultur e.V.
mit freundlicher Unterstützung der TanzTangente.
Gefördert vom Kulturamt Steglitz aus Mitteln des Bezirkskulturfonds des Landes Berlin