Project Description

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“Wenn Fuchur mit der Käthe tanzt”

Large-scale project with 340 students of the Kaethe Kruse Primary School

“I see victory”

Flashmob with all the students and teachers of the Werbellinsee Primary School


Under this label “moving schools” we organise dance and movement projects at schools in close partnership with SuB kultur e.V.
– Project weeks (1-2 weeks with a culminating presentation)
– Project days
– Site visits (workshops in the TanzTangente, or other places such as museums and public spaces etc.)
– Working communities at schools
– Interdisciplinary large-scale projects including the whole student body
– Professional Development for teachers and those interested

Within the projects we can include current curriculum themes.
Should you be interested please contact us at

with the whole student body at schools:

I see victory –  Flashmob (2017)
Werbellinsee primary school / Berlin Schöneberg

100 Jahre Zeppelin – der Traum vom Fliegen (2015)
Zeppelin Grundschule / Berlin Spandau

Fantasia meets Neukölln (2015)
Janusz Korczak primary school / Berlin Neukölln

Wenn Fuchur mit der Käthe tanzt (2013)
Käthe Kruse primary school / Berlin Lichterfelde

Odyssee (2009)
Schweizerhof primary school / Berlin Zehlendorf