Project Description

Nadja Raszewski

Andre Arends

Daniela Grosset
Andre Arends
Saskia Damen

Production Documentation

Dance/Deviced by
Cynthia Ambachtsheer
Lea Svenja Dietrich
Daniela Grosset
Mirella De Jong
Selina Menzel
Marjolein Pruis
Camilla Przystawski
Franka Vd Wittenboer
Christina Wüstenhagen, Gaby Wynia

29.11.2015 in Den Haag

Roel Baesjou
Evelien Vaessen

„Every day is a discovery of a new sensation, every sensation is a memory“
Through the artistic direction of Nadja Raszewski five women with deaf blindness and four dancers of the Tangente Company embark on a journey in finding their mutual “sense X”. Sign language transforms into dance, dance is communication, is body, a speaking instrument. Through moving together, we meet on undiscovered sensual plains to create a new type of expression and communication.
Sense X was presented on the 29/11/2015 at the Dutch dance festival “DanceAble“ at the Symposion in Den Haag.