Project Description

Nadja Raszewski

Prof. Michael Gould

Marion Tränkle


Dance/Devised by
Lea Svenja Dietrich
Johanna Jörns
Selina Menzel
Bahar Meric
Johannes Schuchardt
Christina Wüstenhagen


In this production Nadja Raszewski weaves together the meaning of different tarot cards with the life story and artistic work of Niki de St. Phalles. Here the life and work of the internationally renowned French artists represents the questioning and negotiating women often face within their role in their family, society, profession and art.
“I was a raging young woman, however there are many young angry men and women that do not become artists. I became an artist because there was no alternative for me, therefore I did not need to make any decisions. It was my fate. In a different time I would have forever been locked in an asylum. However I found myself only shortly in a psychiatric ward… I embraced art as a necessity and release.” Niki de St. Phalles

Nadja Raszewski and 6 dancers of Tangente Company create moving sculptures and body images. The choreography consists of a tension between rigorously composed movements and improvising dancing bodies illuminated in projected rooms of colour. On one hand they are reminiscent of rapid sketches of a feather pen on paper, notes, thoughts, designs of outlined bodies. On the other hand outlines dissolve into a play fight of colour and light. The dancers are canvas, colour, artist and subject at once – the fool, the magician, the tower, death, desire and art. The cards are always reshuffled.

“… It was decided that vices hold knowledge and wisdom beyond time and the changes that occur throughout it. Hence playing cards which depict this wisdom were drawn and given to the people so they may indulge in their vices and passions…”

Press: Getanzter Tarot