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Creating Dance in Art and Education –
Dance Pedagogy / Choreography

Since January 2013 the collaboration of TanzTangente and the Career College of the University of Arts Berlin has been the Certificate of Higher Education course “Creating dance in art and education – Dance Pedagogy / Choreography” lead by Nadja Raszewski. The course is the culmination of Leanore Ickstadt’s work between 1989 until 1999 where Ickstadt offered dance pedagogy courses from which successful alumni have worked across Germany and became pioneers as well as project initiators especially for dance work within schools.
This course is for dancers, dance pedagogues, teachers and people who have a foundation in dance or have a strong movement practices. It is for those who are looking for inspiration and exchange to further one’s own work or to develop the practice. During the one-year course the participants learn how to mediate artistic dance, improvisation and praxis tools for working within dance pedagogy. This course will enable and provide the participants to work and lead movement based art projects with laymen, at schools, youth centers, correctional facilities and retirement homes.

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Upcoming Workshop
Dance Workshop for teachers within the  PURPLE Dance festival 

Nadja Raszewski

von 15.30 – 18.30 Uhr
in den Uferstudios, Studio 12, Uferstraße 8, 13357 Berlin

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TanzTangente offers regular courses for further development in

  • Various dance and movement styles, specific groups, open age and experience levels
  • Teachers, dancers, dance pedagogues and others who are invested in cultural education
  • School classes working with diverse themes within a format of an excursion day, an intensive workshop, or a project week with a culminating presentation
  • Children’s birthdays and other private celebrations

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