Welcome to Tangente Dance Festival 2020 – all generations!

From the 3rd to the 8th of February 2020 our Tangente Dance Festival will take place for the second time and there will be a lot of wonderful, exciting, disturbing, irritating, funny and above all ambitious and committed events, performances, films and workshops on offer. All interested people of all ages are warmly invited!

Dance and movement are universal. They are the basis of our existence, means of communication and medium for contact and encounter. We make this experience daily in our dance and education work in the most diverse places of this city.
The TanzTangente is a place for contemporary dance in all its diversity, where for decades people of all ages, with different abilities and bodies, from different contexts and cultures meet, exchange and inspire.
Our motto is “Bring different people move together!”

The Tangente Dance Festival is a no-budget initiative of TanzTangente. Despite or even more because of the negligible promotion of the free dance scene by the Berlin Senate, we want to make a contribution to the artistic community in this city. We need brave and committed people who want to get involved, who speak out and act in different, colorful, humorous, serious, poetic and moving ways for a friendly and democratic, open society. We therefore hope for many curious onlookers who support this concern. The festival is only possible through the commitment of the great artists, who participate in the event despite the conditions described. They deserve our great thanks and respect. Likewise, we thank our TanzTangente team and all the helpers who organize the technology on a voluntary basis, set up the stage, clean the stage, cook for the artists and thus ensure a wonderful and friendly atmosphere behind the stage and make the festival a special experience do.
We are looking forward to an exciting Tangente Dance Festival 2020 – all generations!

Nadja Raszewski and Daniela Grosset
Directors of TanzTangente