Project Description

Artistic Director / Choreography
Nadja Raszewski

Composition / Percussion
Prof. Michael Gould

Oliver Raszewski

Daniela Grosset


Lea Svenja Dietrich
Rainer Flöting
Hannah Fusban
Dietrich Garbrecht
Doro Geiger
Ronja Glesczinsky
Michael Gurski
Achim Hellmich
Johanna Jörns
Selina Menzel
Renate Michel
Camilla Przystawski
Barbara Reuter
Ina Runge
Nathalie Rosenbaum
Johannes Schuchardt
Christina Wüstenhagen


An interdisciplinary dance, art and research project by and with dancers with Parkinson’s and the Tangente Company. Freefalling, falling over, falling apart – raid, applause and in any case an unusual project. This project combines a kaleidoscope of movements and life experiences in a sensitive and humourous performance.
personal landscapes is the further development of the Parkinson’s dance project with TanzTangente as well as a creative research process. Material developed through improvisation is the foundation of the choreography. Here we are told a story of moving daily challenges, the enjoyment that comes through dance, the pleasure of touch, uncontrollable curiosity, the dare to cross limitations and the awe at how some things are still possible.

“The leaves fall, fall as from afar, as if withered in heavens distant gardens; their falling is a sad sign. And in the end earth itself will fall from among the stars in space. We all fall. This hand will fall. And see the other: it is as the rest.”
Rainer Maria Rilke (translated by
© John H. Campbell)

With support from
Fonds Soziokultur, SuB kultur e.V., casablanca Berlin, Residential College / School of Music, Theatre & Dance, University of Michigan

Berliner Woche, Außergewöhnliches Tanzprojekt wirbt um Unterstützung, 30.9.2013